Developed by Xom Worms Games 2012-2013 Team with Nocturn-System


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Next Alpha 0.3 comming soon on 2017

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A new Alpha 0.3.1 version surely be available on September/October Optimizations & Performances Graphics Improvements Physics Cars Controller (Player and AI) Improvements. AI Using Item Icon & Health Bar W4Racing Updater…

W4Racing Test

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Something new about W4RAcing

New Kart System Engine (Soap Car System 1.0)

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Hello Nocturnians ! We’re developed a new system engine for Arcade Race Game like Mario-Kart, Crash Team Racing. It’s easy to install & configure (no complex physics & knowledge required)…

Download W4Racing now !

BETA 1.0 UDV B070413
BETA 1.0 UDV B020213
BETA 1.0 UDV B190113 (Multiplayers) : W4Racing_Beta1.0_Multi_UDV B190113_setup.7z
BETA 1.0 UDV B120113 : http://up.sur-la-toile.com/i17WN
BETA 1.0 UDV B050113 : W4Racing_Beta1.0_UDV B050113_setup.7z
BETA 1.0 UDV (December 2012) :W4Racing_Beta1.0_setup.7z


Developed by Nocturn-System with participation of any members from w4tweaking.bb.fr community

Lead Developper : Cyril5
Development Help : Yuky, TEA Manu, Easytwk, Nico_644 (BETA 1.0), V@l (BETA 1.0)
3D Modeler : Cyril5, TEA Manu
Game & Team Logos : V@l
Character Rigging : TEA Manu

W3D,W4,WUM Games Modding/Exporter & Editor Tools : AlexBond666
OLD BETA Testers : Reptincel, Stakhanov, W0RMINATOR, TEA Manu, HAL 9000, moi_prods

Assets used in Worms 4 Racing belongs to orginal Worms 4 Mayhem developper : Team17

This project is a free fan game and it hasn’t link with Team17 team.




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